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ranger111: Azoul

nabder: Maygan irbbi a3anzoul

nabder: Salam ghifoun bahra

nabder: Kalbagh ghifs ort ofigh. Mek tassenk mani gtafagh iwaliwn ns nghed la cassette neghed ghir kra. Ak i3awn rabbi

nabder: Wallah ayma izlanfr tannagh atga. Tamyirt bahra.dark tamnat ikmmeln.

izlanfr: Akm yad our hawlgh ammanw # aydda righ hatin oufight
ah touda daoud ah tachichawt # iih n9ima bla ichichawn

nabder: Khf rbbi datinighr yat tamnadte nait atta. Ismns ait boudaoud. Tin touda daoud. "Ghouri digs yan imik. Walakin or tkmmil. Ardis tini: akm yad or hawlgh ammanw.... tanmyirt bahra

nabder: Azul aitma imazighen. Thanna loqt.

ghisalberti: Manna tissen Rabbi aditifk hat ottoufigh

ghisalberti: Mighourtlla loghnia n mohamed aankour nig daytili "nigh awmaten mani mani tagmat noun"

ghisalberti: Aytma salam

oubenti: Hi

oubenti: Mayt3nam

oubenti: Salam

ajdidumlil: Azul

tnghayaghe: Azul

ajdidumlil: Azul

king habib
: Si vous voulez contacter merci de bien vouloir aller sur king habib sur youtube vous verrez mes sons

choupinette: AZUL

abdou-2014: Mustapha El Aakri est le roi des rois de loutar et aussi "oustora" de techniques de l'instrument loutar

awrawasa: MANIKS

awrawasa: Azoul

oubenti: Azul

amargh: Awi is idder cha da mid walo ??

amargh: Mawniga lhal ???

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   Le 04/04/18 à 06h45


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I'm new to luma fusion so it maybe I'm doing something wrong. I'm making a music video with some quite agressive editing with short and quick transitions with quite a lot of blank spaces. The problem I seem to have is that occasionally when I preview my work the clips don't seem to match the beat where I placed them. Sometimes it's ok but mostly it seems to drift, which is more notable for the vocal parts with video clips of mouthed words which don't match. I realise that perhaps the visual audio wave file might not be an accurate representation of the music so I've been relying on sonic cues putting flashes on drum beats etc but as I say when I preview it's not where I put them. I can only think that there is an issue either with the preview panel? Any ideas. Any help greatly appreciated.

Please help.

I did not find the right solution from the internet.

Promotional video production studio



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