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Outl@ouch: Azul ait tmazirte

Khamiss57: Bonsoir,.Me.voilà de retour ... khamiss

Larco: J'arrive pas a écouter de la musique

ranger111: Azoul

nabder: Maygan irbbi a3anzoul

nabder: Salam ghifoun bahra

nabder: Kalbagh ghifs ort ofigh. Mek tassenk mani gtafagh iwaliwn ns nghed la cassette neghed ghir kra. Ak i3awn rabbi

nabder: Wallah ayma izlanfr tannagh atga. Tamyirt bahra.dark tamnat ikmmeln.

izlanfr: Akm yad our hawlgh ammanw # aydda righ hatin oufight
ah touda daoud ah tachichawt # iih n9ima bla ichichawn

nabder: Khf rbbi datinighr yat tamnadte nait atta. Ismns ait boudaoud. Tin touda daoud. "Ghouri digs yan imik. Walakin or tkmmil. Ardis tini: akm yad or hawlgh ammanw.... tanmyirt bahra

nabder: Azul aitma imazighen. Thanna loqt.

ghisalberti: Manna tissen Rabbi aditifk hat ottoufigh

ghisalberti: Mighourtlla loghnia n mohamed aankour nig daytili "nigh awmaten mani mani tagmat noun"

ghisalberti: Aytma salam

oubenti: Hi

oubenti: Mayt3nam

oubenti: Salam

ajdidumlil: Azul

tnghayaghe: Azul

ajdidumlil: Azul

king habib
: Si vous voulez contacter merci de bien vouloir aller sur king habib sur youtube vous verrez mes sons

choupinette: AZUL

abdou-2014: Mustapha El Aakri est le roi des rois de loutar et aussi "oustora" de techniques de l'instrument loutar

awrawasa: MANIKS

awrawasa: Azoul

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   Le 21/07/17 à 10h22


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Are blizzard aware that there is a caster spec for druids and it's called Moonkin?
Are they aware how stupid it is that we have a melee range stun as a caster. As well as a 20 yard range CC in comparison to every other caster whos CC is 30 yards? Why the hell would you bring a boomkin over a warlock/mage. Why is Cyclone continually being pruned to the point where it's's already bad enough in WOD that it was put to 25 yards.
Anyone who actually does high rated arena will understand how important ranges are on spells. If im a boomkin and i need to get a CC on a in crikey fuck am i supposed to get one when the opposing healer can clearly see when i run into 20 yards of him/her to land a CC?

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   Le 15/05/18 à 09h18


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